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 GoldenEye 007

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PostSubject: GoldenEye 007   Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:52 am

The reason why I have messaged all of you here today is to discuss the awsomeness jf the Wii game GoldenEye007© (and share friend codes). For those of you who don't know, this games was a revival of the game with the same title on N64. I already bought game and it's great (hehe... stealth takedowns; smashed the guy's head into that rock. lol). The N64 version of this game was famous for its multiplayer feature and now Wii version has online multiplayer. Agents I believe you know where this is headed. Shall we branch out? Below this message are details about the game, a small review, my usernames, and my friendcode online.

Graphics: Not as good as an X-Box's but overall its not bad. 8/10
Gameplay: The story mode is pretty cool with two ways of playing each part; in stealth or rambo your way through it. The cutscenes are very robust as well and the level are very detsiled to. 8.5/10
Controls: You can play with the WiiMo and nunchuck, WiiZapper, gamecube controller, or the classic controller (pro). The control options can be also be altered to multiple pre-set contol options. 9.5/10
Weapons: There are around 30 weapons and something like 15 or so modifiers such as laser pointer, grenade launcher, and reactive armor. Plus frag, smoke, and flash grenades. Also timed, remote-controlled, and proximity mines. 10/10
Multiplayer: Up to 4 people can play on one console/ 8 online. You can choose from any of the games characters or enemies/ online you are a random soldier on whichever team you are on. Locally, you can play (team) conflict, golden gun, and you only live twice/ online there's (team)conflict, Golden Gun, GoldenEye (SWES type of gameplay), liscence to kill, Heros, and more. 9.5/10
Overall: 45.5/50 = 91/100

10 maps.
Local multiplayer has modifiers.
Username can be changed whenever.
Online Multiplayer Party Mode: Using friend codes, all players in the party can join the same game.

My Online Usernames:
NEOXID, (ELOA) NEOXID, A mouse, (ELOA) Tango

My Online Friendcode:

note: friend codes are NOT NEEDED to play online (thank goodness)


First off, yes there is a tutorial that explains the basic play machanics. No, in story mode you can't use grenades however your enemy can. And third, berfore I start talking about the story is that the guns I recommend are the Masterson Fully-Automatic Shotgun, Varghen, and Terralite. Use a Sigmus or AK as sort of a last resort in story mode (any weapon with a scilencer or reflex sight is good as well).
Now let's move on to story, at this point I have not yet completed the story mode (playing online too much XP), but in anycase here are the main plot points. First of all, yes you infiltrate the Dam with 006. The beggining really highlights the storyline value in the game and introduces you to using the first sniper rifle in the game. You then drive off with 006 in a jeep and maul everyone who stands in your way. You crash, crawl out of the wreckage and continue on your way. After the first section of the mission area is complete you are greeted with a rendition of the theme song "GoldenEye" (the one with lyrics) and a fairly snazzy view of the main creators of the game. After that you procede to plant bombs in the weapon facility. Once you finally meet up with general Ouromav (I think I spelled it wrong LOL) who has taken 006 hostage. He then kills him and then you blow up the weapons facililty and escape on a nearby conveyor belt. You then make your daring esacape out of the now exploding base . Bond will find himself then on a motorcycle being pursued by soldier on motorcycles. Once you take them out, all that's left is to climb aboard the airplane you were pursuing and fly off to your next destination.
I'll be skipping the Nightclub Section and the Aerodynamic Expo Section to leave something for you guys to look forward to. Hehehe... sorry.
But in the mean time, I'll explain the more dynamic parts after that. You then infiltrate the icy military base while avoiding enemy and Russian soldiers. Once you enter the base (hopefully like I did with the scilenced sniper rifle located pretty much at the front of pipeway you exit from) you'll then enter the facility. In the facility, you'll find soldiers merrilly ripping up files and burning the place to ashes. Once you make your way pass the first two offices you'll then open a door only to find a girl (Nitalya (again I think I spelled that wrong)) about to be killed by two soldiers. The game then goes into slow motion (no this is not the first time it does this) and allows you to shoot the two gaurds. She then gives you minor information and runs off. After multiple battle, stealth takedowns, and many dead soldiers, you'll find yourself now desperatley trying to escape the facility. At the end you once again meet up with Nitalya who helps you find your way out of the facility. You then get arrested by Russian Troops outside.
I'm also skipping the Russian Jail level and all parts after that so this is it. Oh, yeah exept for of course...
The EPIC TANK CHASE!!!!! Yes, yes, yes I didn't plan on giving this out, but it's too awsome. The chase of cource begins outside the jail you just escaped from in a sheek black tank outfitted with a gattling gun, main cannon, and MISSLES!!!!! You'll mainly be using the missles on helicoptes though. As you chase Ouromav through St.Petersberg you'll be shooting tranports, shooting missles at helicopters, running over cars, and escaping from a parking complex that blew up right infront of your tank. I'd tell you guys more.... but really this is enough.

BTW here's that opening theme video.. It's awsome GoldenEye 007 Opening Video

I've told you all the main details of the game but there is one small flaw. The online play feels a little like call of duty. Other than that great game.

IGN reviewed the game and here it is plus a link to it if the video is lagging too much.

IGN GoldenEye 007 Wii review

Also, here's the link to the intro if that was lagging to much. GoldenEye007 Intro
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GoldenEye 007
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