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 Branch To Everybody Edits

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PostSubject: Branch To Everybody Edits   Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:06 am

I hope this gets approved...

Before I start, I meant to ask if we could branch to GoldenEye 007 on Wii too, oops XP. Anyway, Everybody Edits is a great game that's great to play with friends and can get addicting. This game is great and there is also an interesting currency system along with. With all of our creative minds we could easily make the most poular world out there (so long as none of the other "crews" beat us)!! So all of ELOA, can we branch (to EE and GoldenEye)?

Below is some extra information about EE:

Currency: There are two types, gems and energy. Energy is obbtained every 3 minutes, awarding you 1 out of 200 (200 energy is the max amount of energy that can be held at one time) whether or not your playing the game or even if your computer is off. Gems, on the other hand, must be obbtained using paypal or credit cards but they can be spent to obtain the rewards more quickly.
Rewards: Rewards can be recieved using either energy or gems. These rewards consist of new smileys or different sized saved worlds. But of course, none of it compares to BETA.

BETA: BETA costs 100gems (approx. $10) but has a lot of cool stuff (still a rip off). You get 3 saved worlds, 6 smilies (sunglasses, devil, tear, vey mad, O.o, and wink), and 6 gem blocks.

So... can we branch?
I go to http://www.fltron.com/chris/everybody-edits to play it, but you can also go to http://www.everybodyedits.com .
(sry if this breaks regulations on advertising) Make an account on fltron and friend me (NEO XID) so we can chat while we play!!

Well... I'm done. Pleeeeaaassseee let's branch!!!
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Branch To Everybody Edits
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